Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Taking Some Time

For some reason, this video caught my eye tonight. I was just looking for some easy hair ideas on YouTube. And I came across Sara's video. She just seems so happy and bubbly. Something I really need right now.

But I remember the days, when I took the time. to get ready in the morning. I'd put on makeup. I'd do my hair. Very similar to this. I really enjoyed getting ready in the morning. Then life happened. I stopped wearing makeup. And my hair is permanently in this messy bun thing.

But this video has motivated me. I'm definitely going to start taking some time to get ready in the morning. It's important. It makes a person feel better. I realized that lately. I'm probably not going to spend this much time on my hair, but I'm going to try and make some sort of effort. :)

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