Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ally Pie's Birthday

It's almost been a week since Ally Pie's birthday. Oh, my little princess. She is just a doll! Her birthday is on Valentine's Day. And this year, it fell on the weekend.

Not only was it a big deal because it was Ally's birthday. But it was Ally's 1st birthday. And I was trying to come up with something to do for her birthday. I decided to make 2 cakes. 1 for us to eat, and 1 just for Ally. I always wanted to do that for my kids. Get them their own mini cake. So they could make a big mess!

Ally is every part a little girl. She didn't want to make a mess. Until she tasted the yummy chocolate. And we had presents. On the Friday beforehand, my neighbor watched Ally for me. And I took the rest of the kids shopping with me. We got Ally Pie a new dress, a pair of shoes, some hair bows, a baby doll, and a cute little duck. My sons picked out the toys. And we wrapped everything up.

Ally Pie wasn't so sure about ripping open the paper. But once she got the hang of it, she really enjoyed it. So we celebrated Ally's birthday in the morning. With yummy blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs, and juice. She opened her gifts. And got so excited when her big brothers kept singing Happy Birthday to her.

After nap time, we had cake. And we played for a few hours together. Right as I was going to get dinner started, my neighbor came over. She invited us over to their house. Literally, we live steps away from each other. And they had made dinner for Ally Pie's birthday! We enjoyed dinner, cake, and ice cream. Very fun evening. And then Ally Pie got some more presents.

We're so grateful for the love. I kept telling my neighbor's "Thank you." But I'm pretty sure they thought I was nuts! They're just amazing people. And so kind hearted. I'm so grateful for everything. :)

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