Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Halloween Time!

Unfortunately, my kiddos have never had the chance to dress up for Halloween. We've never been able to celebrate it. Except Jacob. For his first Halloween I dressed him up as a little frog. He was so cute!

But this year, I was determined that things were going to be different. Even if I had to make my kiddos' costumes. But you know that amazing man I keep talking about? Well, he went out and bought my kiddos their costumes!

Miss Lilah is going to be Minnie Mouse. She squeeled when she saw the costume. We knew it would be perfect!

I was a little shocked by my little princess. She wanted to be a witch! Not a princess. But she was sure to tell us, that she didn't want to be a scary witch. :)

Mr. Travis, well all he has been able to talk about is dinosaurs. His eyes got as big as plates, when he seen this costume! I'm glad my little boy got to have it.

The toughest decision, was for Jacob. He just didn't know what he wanted to be. He thought about a fireman, or a police man. Then he saw the batman costume. He really liked the cowboy. But his heart just grew ten sizes when he saw Spider Man!

I'm so excited about this year. We're planning a small dinner and trick-or-treating with some of the neighbors. And my kids are so excited. So am I! This is going to be a first for our little family. And I'm really glad. Who knows, I might throw on a tail and some ears, paint my face, and have a blast with my kiddos too! :)