Friday, April 30, 2010

Cute Giveaway!

Newly Wife is having their last day of giveaways. Isn't this a cute prize? Since separating from my hubby, I have to say, my nights are lonely. My kids start going to bed around 7:30pm, and there's only so much to watch on TV. But these little cross stitch kits, I would love to try them! And it looks like I could use my downtime a little more wisely. If you want to enter, go to Newly Wife. :)

Garden Set Giveaway

I've been thinking for a while about starting a garden. But I'm completely clueless. I actually sat and talked to one of the guys I work with about how to start a very simple garden. It seems a little bit complicated. But I really want to start one now.
So Newly Wife is having it's 4th Giveaway Day, and the prize is a little garden kit. Perfect! I hope that I win. I would really like to try to grow a small patch of veggies for my kids. If not, I'm still going to go buy a few packs of seeds. :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Newly Wife Giveaway Day 3

Just look at how cute these items are! OMG! This is another one of Newly Wife's giveaways. This one includes the cute bunny apron, a towel, a cute beanie, and a photobook. All of this is just perfect for Spring. I would LOVE to add these items into our house. If you would like a chance to win too, head over to Newly Wife and enter the giveaway. :)

Newly Wife Giveaway Day 2

Don't you just love this necklace? It made me smile the minute I seen it! The colors, the design, everything about it just makes me happy! OMG! I've been having such a tough week. All of this divorce talk has me a little blue. So this was just what I needed to see to make me smile. I hope I win this cute necklace. I bet my daughters would just love to touch it too! Anyway, for your chance to win, head over to Newly Wife and enter the giveaway. Hurry up! You just have a few minutes to enter. :)

Newly Wife Giveaway Day 1

I just found the cutest blog ever! Thanks Lola for sharing this with me. :) Anyway, the blog is Newly Wife. And it's written by 2 amazing women, who I'm assuming are newly married. There are all kinds of wonderful things on this blog. Like yummy recipes, and just posts about their lives. Which are really fun to read about. Anyway, they're hosting 5 giveaways right now. This one is for these cute recipe cards and these cute wine glass charms. So hurry up! The giveaway ends at midnight. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cinnamon Sticks Giveaway

Isn't this amazing? It's my favorite piece from Cinnamon Sticks. Cakies is hosting a giveaway for a $50 certificate to Cinnamon Sticks. There are lots and lots of handmade pieces in the shop. For your chance to win, go enter the giveaway. :)

Bellasymphony Giveaway

Cakies is hosting a giveaway for Bellasymphony. I immeditately fell in love with this Baby Chic Tutu. Isn't it amazing? I would just love one for my girls. If you want to a chance to win a knotty tutu or an ebook, go enter this giveaway. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My New Favorite YouTuber!

Jen just makes me smile. Her videos are so adorable. And her boys...well they are the cutest little guys! I recently found her videos on YouTube. And I'm hooked. Jen has so many great ideas for and about kids. Love it! I would really recommend sitting down and watching some. Honestly, you'll be hooked. And just look at Grayson, he's a doll! :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our New Favorite Book

The other day, I went to buy groceries. It's a little complicated with 4 kids. 2 of are babies, 2 are toddlers. And with the 90 minute wait in line, I had to keep the kids entertained. I found this book. You know how people just throw things around the cash registers. We really enjoyed reading it. Looking at all the pictures and talking about God.

Before, we didn't go to church. But I'd try to teach my little ones about God. Then today, I found this book. And it was such a Godsend. For almost 2 months now, we've been going to mass 3 times a week. And it's amazing. My kids love it!

This has been their book of choice every night. I really want to find a nice children's bible next. I think that would be amazing for them! You know, God really does work in the most mysterious and beautiful ways. :)