Monday, March 8, 2010


I LOVE to read blogs. And I read a bunch. I "stalk" a few. Checking them every single day for a new entry. Because these are inspirational blogs to me. But in the last few weeks, 5 of the blogs that I read, have gone to "This blog is open to invited readers only." Complete sadness for me!

The 2 blogs that I'm going to miss the most are Adventures in Kandeeland and The Sims Family. Last summer I also had to say goodbye to A New Duck and Peanut Butter Burrito. At the time, those were my favorite 2 blogs!!!

AiK is Kandee's blog about her family. I just liked reading about her special time with her kids. It made me feel like I am able to get through this darkness. That there was hope. That my kids are going to be OK at the end of this journey we're on. TSB is just adorable. Sheaffer posts almost daily. Has loads of pictures of her son and their dog. Her husband was almost killed in a serious accident a few months ago. But I just liked reading about a normal family. And seeing that little boy in his pjs and cowboy boots! I also found Shay through this blog.

And in case you were wondering, AND is about a single mom. Who is also a lawyer. I just loved her blogs about her chair, cravings for pie, and the large amounts of snow she was always having to trek through. I found her through PBB. Andrea was a law student at the time, and pregnant. I actually found both blogs, while both women were expecting. Andrea's husband is a Jeopardy whiz. It actually got me into watching Jeopardy for a long time. And their daughter Becca, she is the cutest! I also enjoyed reading Andrea's monthly letters to Becca.

So there you go 4 of my favorite blogs. There are an additional 3 that have also disappeared. Well, I can't read them. So I consider them gone. It makes me sad. Because I feel like I've invested time into them. Like I know them. Then one day, they're gone to me. I still wonder how New Duckling and Becca are doing. Now I will wonder if Sheaffer's son's rash has healed. And what adventure Kandee and her kids are on.

But I also understand the need for anonymity. You're probably never going to see pictures of my kiddos. Well, I might post a few, but probably not with their faces. Maybe shots of little hands. Or from the back. I just feel safer that way. But I do miss these blogs. It makes me wonder what has happened that makes these ladies feel like they need to protect their blogs and their families. :)

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