Monday, June 14, 2010

They're All Sleeping

Not even I can believe it. My kiddos are all napping right now. I know that probably sounds strange. But it's just after noon here. And we're usually trying to eat lunch. But I do believe, they're all tuckered out from this weekend. The heat also tires them out pretty quickly.

So I'm trying to catch up on the laundry. Not ours, but the laundry I do for work. It's already so hot out. The boys want to be outside all the time. But I really can't let them. After 10 days of 100+ temps, it's finally going to only be 97 today. Blah! This heat is killing us!

But things are going a little better. Counseling for the kids seems to be going in a positive direction. Hubby isn't allowed near us. It still saddens me that our life has become this. That he has changed so much. But I need to stay strong for my kiddos. They need and deserve a better life.

I probably should get some lunch before the baby wakes up. She likes to wake up half way through her nap for some lunch. And a little cuddling time with me. :)

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