Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Our neighbor built a sandbox for his kids. It's really cute. Almost looks like this one. But the one he built is bigger, and has a cover to put on it when the kiddos aren't playing.

The sandbox is under the tree that we share. And they invite my kiddos over all the time to play. Today, my son asked for a sandbox. He just loves digging in the dirt. Both of my boys do really. And they like playing with their trucks in there too.

My kiddos are really good at sharing. But when there are 10 kiddos trying to share the same real estate, I'm thinking it can get pretty smooshed in there.

I recently seen a decent sized one at Wal-Mart. With a little umbrella. For $115. I know, that's a lot. Especially for us. But I'm thinking of saving all my change. The recently emptied PB jar should be a nice place to save it. And hopefully, by the end of summer I can afford one. They usually put these things on sale at the end of summer too! :)

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