Sunday, June 6, 2010


Around here, it's been really hot lately. So bad, that I can't let my kiddos go outside. I have them inside, with the AC on as high as it will go. We're on our 3rd straight day of 110 degrees. Tomorrow, we're supposed to be 107. The weatherman said it's a cold front. Ugh!

I just wish that the temps would drop about 15 degrees. That is a lot more doable. My sons have been begging to go outside. The only time that it's really comfortable to be outside is between 5-8am. You can find us all outside in our pjs. :)

But I'm grateful for the people I work with. I work on a Ranch. And we're lucky enough, that we get to live on the Ranch too. There are lots of families that live here. And our boss, well his a good friend of mine. All the guys have been really good about helping me. Especially with this heat.

I do all the laundry for the Ranch. Even the animals blankets. The guys have been bringing everything for me in the evenings when they come home. And they take out the clean stuff and deliver it in the mornings. Otherwise, I'm not sure how I'd get it done. Because piling up 4 kiddos and all this laundry, in this heat, it has disaster written all over it. God, do you think we can at least dip back into the 90s? :)

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