Saturday, June 12, 2010

River Rafts

This is a picture that was in the local newspaper. I heard about this raft contest that was going on here. So I covered my kiddos in sunscreen, packed lots of water and snacks, and we went to watch.

It was a lot of fun. There were so many good rafts. They had to be hand built. And most of them had some kind of theme. It was a lot of fun! And better, it was completely free for us to watch.

I had been feeling a little bummed out. I was invited to a wedding today. For some friends. But I just couldn't figure out how to get 4 kids and myself dressed for this formal wedding, without breaking the bank.

But this event was something that took our minds off of that. And it was so much fun! When we got home, the boys and I built some toys rafts out of paper and straws. We let them float in a bucket of water. It was really a good day. :)

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