Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hair Bows

I dream about little things like hair bows. I wish I could afford to buy my little girls some. I know it probably sounds ridiculous. But at $12 a bow, or even a set of 2, it's definitely out of our budget.

Being a momma of 4. And being single. It's tough. Especially when the only real job I can take is working for my friend on his Ranch. Because there is no way I could afford childcare. But my Dear Lord is helping me to provide for my kiddos. And we have our necessities. But one day, I'd like to buy a couple of ribbons for my little girls.

Like these cute ladybugs. I think they'd be adorable for Spring and Summer. :)

Or these little cork screws. Oh, I've always liked these!

And just look at all these colors! What little girl wouldn't love to wear some of these cute bows? One day, I know God is sending us down a different path. And one day, these little things, I'll be able to afford. :)

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